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Studied at
University of the Witwatersrand
University of Cape Town
Lectured at
University of the Witwatersrand
University of the Free State
Worked at
The MI Group (UK)
The IQ Group (SA))
The Absa Group (SA)
Absa Corporate Bank (SA)
Boland Bank
Edgars (Sandton)
Woolworths (Sandton)
Wits Law Library
Thanks to
DTI SPII programme
Reuters Digital Vision
Tech Museum
for awards and considerations

Business Day Letters

09/04/24 Case of Loaded Die
09/04/09 Don't deny problem
'09/03/24 Money better spent
'09/03/18 Man for the Job '09/02/23 Nedlac deal reeks
'09/02/18 Jail time needed '09/02/10 Mugabe will go
'09/02/10 Learn to Earn
'09/02/05 Hajaig owes more
'08/12/10 Punishing a hero
'08/12/05 The courage to tell
'08/11/17 First things first 
'08/11/06 Why pay more?
'08/10/29 Beware of deceit
'08/10/16 What victory?
'08/07/29 Getting it wrong
'08/04/29 SA challenges
'08/04/16 Firms know best
'08/04/09 Selling your soul
'08/03/13 Hanging Business
'08/02/06 Erwin should go
'07/03/14 Personal gain
'07-03-09 Leap, Frog
'07-02-27 Fraud Allowances
'07-02-23 Spread the risk
'07-02-21 Separate futures
'07-02-20 Old Party Tricks
'07-02-15 Wrong idea
'07-02-09 Broads-based
'07-02-06 Carry a big stick
'07-02-05 Keeping Values
'07-01-30 Bad Economics
'07-01-27 Politics of Denial
'07-01-24 Pull the Plug
'07-01-22 Misleading Facts
'07-01-11 Affirmative Greed
'07-01-08 Jo�burg Ambush
'06-12-06 Big but Bad ANC
'06-12-05 Short Race to Ruin
'06-10-25 Hate Speech
'06-10-13 Time to Speak Up
'06-09-21 Cape Power Play
'06-09-15 DA should listen
'06-09-08 Identity Theft
'06-06-07 Honest Choices
'06-06-06 Losing the War
'06-06-01 Wrong Numbers
'06-05-16 The whole truth
The foundation is a management training and software design centre founded in '04 by Errol Goetsch, continuing the Bosele Centre of Excellence launched for PPASA in '01. The name comes from the 4 foundations for Excellence: Economy, Efficiency, Effectiveness and Equity.
build the capacity of organisations to be sustainable and run cost-effective projects
Following services for Mrs Mbeki (SAWID) and Dr. Pienaar (Heartbeat), XE4 launches the Centre for Social Impact (CSI) with Vannessa Crous - launching eMentoring. We welcome De Beers, the Quadparaplegic Association of SA (QASA), the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti) and SANCA as first clients. We thank Alan Lpschitz of Webmail for magnificent premises and software and Marc Lubner for his enthusiastic support.
Decision-Support Software
HIV/AIDS programme design
Municipal Mainstreaming for IDP's
CSI Reporting
Enterprise-wide Reporting
Stakeholder Measurement
HIV/AIDS Clinical Counselling Register
Peer Education Management System
Corporate Finance ratios
Balanced Scorecards

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Financial & Auditing modelling

Operational auditing
One Day Cricket automated scoring
Articles in Business Day

Management  Contracts
Job Description Overview
Job Description Template
Finance Manager
HR Manager
Production Manager
Marketing Manager
Operations Measurement
Training in Advanced Management
XE4 offers a unique theory of management and governance that gives your vision clarity and your decisions simplicity. We dramatically improve your sustainability and excellence.  
Our 3 day, 2 day and 1 day courses marry the economics of management with Marketing, Operations, HR, and Finance to show what managers do and how they relate to staff, directors and others.

Introduction and Advanced Courses

XE4s customised and public workshops are scientifically based so you know who needs to do what and why, and what to measure
(1) Economics for Managers and Directors
(2) Finance for Non-Finance Managers
(3) Managing the Management Team
(3) Perfecting the Reporting system
(4) Measuring Sustainability and Excellence
(5) Programmes that Work (inc. HIV/AIDS)
(6) Job Descriptions that Work
(7) Your Strategic Personality
Advanced Practice
(1) For sustainable strategy  
(2) For excellent operations
(3) For transparent organisations
(4) For impact on stakeholders
(5) For succession planning
(6) For competitiveness
(7) For proving results easily 
(8) For allocating the work
(9) For measuring managers
(10) For pricing, budgeting and earning
Advanced Analytics
(1) Demand & Supply measurement
(2) Price Elasticity calculation
(3) Value Chain Logistics
(4) Management Capacity measurement
(5) Corporate Sustainability
(6) Operational Excellence
(7) The management KPI's
(8) The management boundaries
( 9) The management outcomes
(10) The Strategic Economy of firms
"Help in Tough Times" Series
Feb - More Money in Tough Times
Mar - Pleasing Donors in Tough Times

Apr -  More Happiness in Tough Times


WBS Journal: Quantity Theory of Mgmt
Ingredients for Management Excellence
Fundraising article 1, 2, 3 , 4

Monitoring and Evaluation
To WBS Alumni re Executive Economics

To Endangered Wildlife Trust  re SEXI NGO
To SAIF Annual Congress  re Sustainability
To SAWID re Strategy and Operations
To Heartbeat re Management Structure
To TSI re NPO Sector Analysis
Articles of Interest
Ethics in Business

Business � and dodgy dealing � as usual
Support service standards
The National Consumer Bureau Directory
Corporate Governance Offenders
1 ACSA (Airports Company of SA)
natural monopolies in party private hands
2 Tiger Brands / Unite Against Hunger
price collusion in food
3 Tiger Brands / AICC
price collusion in intravenous drips

Dunlop, Bridgestone, Continental Tyre South Africa and Goodyear South Africa
price collusion in tyres
Clover Industries, Clover South Africa, Parmalat, Ladismith Cheese, Woodlands Dairy, Lancewood, Nestle and Milkwood Dairy
alleged price collusion in milk
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Errol GoetschXE4's 1-day and 2-day training workshops are supported by decision-support software so that we know why to change and how to change and what to do to make that change

Thanks again for a stimulating workshop � I am still trying to get my head around everything and will probably take some time over that.

Helmut Bertelsmann (NBI)

Thanks for a very stimulating workshop. It was very good and very helpful. We both enjoyed it very much and gained a great deal (take a bow). Tim Smith (Cathca)

You are really an inspiration to the nation! Thanks a million! Corrie Ras (S.A. Federation for Mental Health)

I must say I really enjoyed the course. It was an wide eye-opener. Professionally, I�m empowered, you are a smart boy, and your course just solved my problem. You had all the words for the very unstable logic I had in terms of reporting, I thank you. Your course is most informative, I enjoyed it,  not quite what I thought would be in my spoon when I got there. Man, you make a woman think. Portia Kwinika (Pretoria Sungardens Hospice)

Indeed it was such a great day. Often in our daily work we tend to forget basic stuff and they impact the overall organization. I had a great day. Tinyiko Chauke (Stats SA)
Thank you for a brilliant day - an eye-opening day. Candice Morkel (North West Prov Govt)

My head is still buzzing this morning with all the great things we learnt yesterday � all the enthusiasm I was feeling. Peter Laubscher (Leprosy Mission)

I am totally stunned by the complexity and comprehensiveness of your models and your ability to use Excel. There is so much potential if your work to make something very useful to both NGOs and CSI depts. I am sure that you are on the right track. Marcus Coetzee (ICMS)

Thinking of CRM to boost your organisation? Buyers beware! See Article on CRM

Looking to build your managers' capacity and get performance excellence? You can!  See Closing the Promise - Performance Gap

Wanting a better Peer Education programme? Tips here! See Some suggestions for Peer Educators

Want ways to show what you do? Easy too! See Indicators for measuring NPO performance

Want to measure your sustainability? You can! See Measuring and Managing Sustainability

Is your organization battling? It's not your fault! See Sustainability in the 21st Century

Want to control and report your work, and measure your impact? Contact me!

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NPO operational excellence

NPO strategic sustainability

Donor reporting

HIV/AIDS programs

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